It is the subcutaneous injection of fat taken from another part of the patient's own body into the face. It is a procedure that has become quite common in recent years...

In facial fat grafting, the face is filled with oil injection. This procedure can be performed by plastic surgeons to every part of the body as much as needed.


We often use ready-to-use fillers to eliminate wrinkles and thicken the lips.

In the procedure, where the patient's own fat is used as a filler, the body absorbs a maximum of 20-50% of the fat injected, varying from person to person.

Its difference from the ready-to-use fillers is that since the substance given to the patient is from his/her own body, a certain amount of fat remains under the skin permanently.

Yüze Yağ Dolgusu


Since fat harvesting and facial injection procedures are painful, they are usually performed under the effect of narcosis or local anesthesia.

If the person is overweight, the fat is harvested from where needs to be slimmed, achieving a double gain. Both the face is rejuvenated and regional slimming is achieved.

In the surgical fat removal known as liposuction, the adipose tissue we take from our patients without leaving scar is processed with special techniques after purified from the blood. Then, the purified part of the fat is taken and filled into special injectors.

After prepared the desired amount of fat is injected subcutaneously into the person's wrinkles, cheek areas and other facial areas. As a result, the reduced wrinkles, stretched skin and subcutaneous lubrication achieved with the injected adipose tissue provides a brighter skin. The skin becomes softer and smoother.

However, if you are extremely slim and have not adequate fat for harvesting, it may not be possible to perform this procedure because only your own fat can be given to you.

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