The forehead plays an important role in all facial expression movements. The forehead gets involved in all these activities by wrinkling, stretching, expanding and contracting while laughing, crying and even sleeping. Unfortunately, all these activities we constantly do throughout our lives create deep lines on our foreheads in the course of time.

It is possible to eliminate this problem with a suitable forehead lift surgery, which will be performed with a procedure that involves the underlying tissues. If you want to see what this type of forehead lift surgery can contribution to your appearance, stand in front of the mirror and pull your forehead skin upwards and outwards, by placing your hands just outside of your eyebrows. You will notice that your face looks younger. All forehead lift surgeries involve eyebrow lift as well. Surgical scars hidden in the scalp can never be seen. With the last procedure performed, your appearance achieved with surgery will be maintained for 10 years on average. There is no harm in repeating the surgical procedure if needed at the end of this period.

Forehead Lift