Penile lengthening surgeries are recommended especially for men with an erect penis length of less than 10 cm. There are limited options to increase penile length. The most common technique used in the world is the partial cutting of the penile suspensory ligament that connects the penis to the pelvis. Cutting this ligament makes it is possible to increase the penile length by 2 cm on average. In addition, liposuction to be performed on the fatty area just above the penis in overweight patients will also make an additional contribution to penile lengthening. The condition known as hidden penis can be observed in some excessively overweight children or adults. Liposuction should definitely be included in the procedures to be performed on such patients. Treatment of hidden penile conditions requires a more detailed evaluation and technique.  It is also possible to increase the penile length by 3 to 4 cm with operations to be performed from the lower part of the penis. 

The needs of patients can vary widely. Therefore, a very good examination is essential. During this examination, it should be well determined whether the patients have any other urological disorders (such as erectile dysfunction, psychological problems, premature ejaculation etc.). One of the most important things to consider in these surgeries is to well understand the expectations of the patients very well. A patient who sees in many unscientific media reports that it is possible to increase the penile length by 5-10 cm should be told that such expectations are not realistic. The patient should be informed of the fact that the mentioned effects of such intensively advertised devices and tablets are unrealistic, and that this kinds of products may also be harmful to the body. The results of penile lengthening surgeries can be best seen when the penis is in the state of erection. Performance of this surgical procedure by an experienced surgeon, who is interested in this practice, will prevent the possible complications.

For a patient who wants to have a penile lengthening surgery, the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia or preferably under sedation-anesthesia. A small scar that your physician will describe will remain on the root of the penis. Usually the skin gets slightly stretched. Patients are advised to rest for 3 to 7 days after a procedure performed by paying attention to sterility. Swelling in the surgical site of patients who do not rest in the early postoperative period will make recovery difficult. Your physician may also recommend massage, depending on the procedure. Your physician's recommendations regarding when to resume sexual activity are important. 



Penis thickening is one of the most common surgical procedures in the world. It is a procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia, on people who deemed suitable after the examination. Adipose tissue is the most commonly used filler for this purpose. There are also many procedures that involve the injection of other fillers for penis enlargement. Compared to those fillers, using your own adipose tissue has many advantages. It does not cause allergic reactions, some of its versions have permanent effect, performance of the procedure takes shorter time, it has an outpatient treatment option, and can be repeated if necessary. On the other hand, some of its most important disadvantages include that it cause asymmetrical melting and small accumulation areas.

Penile fat injections should be performed by an experienced surgeon, who should be careful to preserve the blood vessels and nerve structures during the procedure.  The fat prepared properly with a good planning should be applied to the penis meticulously and symmetrically. The fat applied to the penis does not reach the testicles or scrotum as long as it is applied properly.  After fat injection into the penis, 60-70% of the fat can melt within 6 months. However, the rest of the fat will exist permanently. The permanence of the results obtained with the injection of other fillers such as hyaluronic acid ranges from 6 to 12 months. If necessary, thickening for reinforcement purpose can be performed with fat injection after 6 months. It is reasonable to expect an increase of up to 20% in penis circumference, but results may differ from person to person.  

Penis thickening can be performed alone or in conjunction with penis lengthening. It should be remembered that smoking can increase the rate of melting in the fat in the first weeks after the procedure. It is recommended to stop smoking one week before the procedure and keep avoiding it for 3 weeks after the procedure. Sexual intercourse should be prohibited for 3-4 weeks after the penis thickening procedure. It should be remembered that otherwise the fat tissues are likely to accumulate towards the root of the penis, creating curved asymmetric areas. 

Penis lengthening or thickening surgeries have neither increasing nor decreasing effects on libido. Similarly, they have neither positive nor negative effects on erection. 

Penis lengthening or thickening surgeries are not likely to cause infertility. On the contrary, penile lengthening is thought to be likely to have a positive effect on infertility in cases where the erect penis length is less than 10 cm. 

Penile surgeries have neither positive nor negative effects on premature ejaculation. People who experience such problems are advised to get a detailed examination. 

Usually no loss of sensation in the penis is experienced after surgery. Numbness due to edema experienced in the early period usually disappears in a short time.

A portion of the penile ligament is left intact, with intent to enable the penis to stand upright in the state of erection. Even if your penis cannot touch your abdomen while it is in the erect state, it will be able to look a little bit leaning. 

After penis thickening surgeries, the penis may be perceived as a little shorter. Although there is no shortening in the actual length, transverse thickening may cause the penis to look a little bit shorter due to optical illusion. For example, when you look at two pens which are 10 cm long, one thin and the other thick, the thick one can be perceived as shorter, although the both are actually the same size. 

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