Patients whose penis has not developed due to various congenital or developmental reasons, who experience penile loss due to various reasons, or who have an extremely small penis face great psychological and social problems, especially when they reach the ages when normally people become sexual active individuals. A plastic surgeon that has specialized in this field can solve such problems. Penis making is one of the most complicated surgical procedures in the field of plastic surgery. We can successfully make a penis, using the flap we prepared for this surgical procedure by including a part of the fibula from the leg, which we have defined for the first time in the world. The penis made is highly close to normal in terms of both its appearance and functions. With it, both urination and sexual ejaculation can be achieved successfully. Since the sensations of this penis are completely normal, orgasm occurs normally. Our patients we operated in this way have today successful marriages and children. We also perform this procedure successfully in woman to man transgender surgery.