Rhinoplasty prices determined based on the same criteria almost all over the world, vary from case to case. The most important one of these criteria is the of the surgeon’s confidence in himself/herself and the results of the operation.

The factors affecting rhinoplasty prices also include; 

  • The city where the surgery will be performed,
  • The hospital where the surgery will be performed,
  • The district where the hospital is located,
  • The standard materials to be used for the surgery,
  • The length of hospitalization period,
  • The type of anesthesia to be performed in the surgery,
  • The services to be provided before and after the surgery.

If such an operation is to be performed within the scope of health tourism, extra costs such as transportation and accommodation costs will be added to costs of these.

The most important criterion to take into consideration in this regard is the fact that it is not possible to perform a rhinoplasty operation with a price lower than 2,500 TL in today's conditions. If your surgery is a revision surgery, that is, if you have already had an rhinoplasty operation with unsatisfactory results, or your nose has a serious traumatic deformity, the surgical procedures to be performed will be different. In such a case, the duration of the surgical procedure increases and areas such as the ear and ribs, which are the donor areas for meeting the need for cartilage, may also be included in the scope of the surgery. In addition, the need for using extra materials to be supplied from external sources is one of the factors that raises the costs of rhinoplasty.

Prices of Rhinoplasty

If you want to achieve a good rhinoplasty result, the price should not be the only criterion to take into consideration. First of all, the most important criterion to take into consideration is the experience of the surgeon and his team. In other words, straining your financial resources a little bit more will help you to get the result close to your expectation without facing any problems.

In this regard, I often tell my patients “If you want to contribute to the granite costs of the .........Hospital, let's perform your surgery there. However, I’d like to state that rhinoplasty surgery cannot be performed in a doctor’s office. It would not be appropriate to perform the anesthesia, which will be required during the operation, under the conditions of a doctor’s office.

The explanations above will be guidance for all plastic surgery prices in general. Plastic surgeries are known to be expensive surgeries all over the world. The reason for this belief is that the expenses of many other surgical procedures are covered by social security institutions, and the patient does not make payments from his/her pocket for them. In fact, a cholecystectomy operation is much more expensive than a rhinoplasty operation, and a tonsillectomy operation is much more expensive than an otoplasty operation.  However, patients are obliged to cover the costs of plastic surgeries.

There are many factors affecting the difference in the costs of plastic surgeries. I tried to explain such differences in detail, under the heading “Rhinoplasty Prices”.

Sometimes the difference between the highest and lowest prices may seem extreme, but this appears to be normal when we consider the differences between the hospitals where the surgeries are performed and the technologies used.

Being able to trust your surgeon and establish a well communication with him/her is what you need to pay attention to before the costs.

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